Updates from Hamburg

We’ve decided to write up a series of short news updates for each of the contributing partners in our project. This week, Hamburg!

Both the App for Hamburg and the general project was highlighted in various German news channels, media platforms, radio stations, and newspapers. Among them was a report by Germany’s leading online news platform Der Spiegel, a project presentation by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), and a few more media appearances, such as a portrait of the app and website in the FAU’s magazine Alexander (figure 1), a recommendation for a historical city walk on the official website of the city of Hamburg, reports in local newspapers such as the Stader Tageblatt, and interviews with Daniel Bellingradt on the radio channels Hamburg HH2 and Radio Hamburg for the XXL news and kid’s news. 

A small monograph about the Hamburg city tour (figure 2) and its didactic concepts and historiographical framing is about to be published in January 2022. The co-written book by Daniel Bellingradt and Claudia Heise is titled Eine Stadttour durch Hamburg im Jahr 1686. Die App „Hidden Hamburg“ als erlebbare Geschichte und Digital-Public-History-Experiment, and will be available from the Bremen publisher edition lumière in print and open access.  

Daniel Bellingradt and Claudia Heise


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