News from “Hidden Deventer”

19 November 2021

Due to the modern “plague” Katharina Kerstkens had to postpone the festive launch of the Hidden Deventer app to a later date.  As soon as the Hidden Deventer app had become available, the local media immediately picked up the news and several articles were published in the newspaper De Stentor, and the local television Deventer […]

Updates from Hamburg

03 November 2021

We’ve decided to write up a series of short news updates for each of the contributing partners in our project. This week, Hamburg! Both the App for Hamburg and the general project was highlighted in various German news channels, media platforms, radio stations, and newspapers. Among them was a report by Germany’s leading online news […]

Hidden Cities and pandemic

28 October 2020

This film was made during the Europe-wide lockdown of the Covid19 pandemic in May 2020. As historians we have been struck by the analogies that resonate across the centuries about public space and pandemic. Adopting a similar methodolgy to our project as a whole, in which we focus on objects of material culture and their […]